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Banana Chips


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As the owner of Rich Harvest, I personally take care of the products we offer our clients and partners. I believe that the main reason of our success is constant quality improvement.

Why Choose Agrialco

We are the modern company with long history

Products Range


We are growing a multitude of different vegetables, fruits and grains…

Smart Logistics


Delivering our produce to your place is an easy task for our

Quality Matters


We’re determined to keep up the quality of all of our farming products as high as possible

Seasoned Team


Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their knowledge.

What We Offer

Products & Services

Beef & Cattle


Our premium freezer beef offers the most tender and flavorful eating experience. Our beef doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.

Orchard Fruits


We have your fruit favorites, and maybe some that you have never heard of! We offer apples, peaches, nectarines, sweet cherries.

Dairy Products


We are a renowned Processor, Supplier of Dairy Products, which are highly acclaimed in the market for their freshness and purity.

Dining & Catering


We offer farm fresh, wholesome and delicious food for events of all sizes, from business meetings and conferencess.

Our Farmers

Welcome our agriculture specialists

Andrew Hawkins



Andrew is a fine winemaker who got his experience thanks to his grandfather.

Anthony Patel

Tractor driver


Anthony has the amazing driving skill that is necessary for organic food transportation.

Howard Gutierrez

Tractor driver


Howard is a colleague of Anthony. They are friends who work together for a long time.

Our Blog

Latest news from us

The History of the Agriculture Plane


Most commonly known as crop dusters, agriculture planes also perform many other functions to assist farmers.  Although most crop dusters are used to spray crops with…

Top 3 Organic Fruits to Grow


In this post, we have gathered the most popular fruits that you really should be getting organic because they hold the greatest load of chemical residue when bought conventionally.

History of Organic Farming


In a broad sense, the history of organic
farming may be traced to the first rudimentary farms built by prehistoric humans thousands of years ago.

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